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Sweat now, or anytime – in your own home!

Across Australia, Aussies are spending an average of $65 per month on gym memberships, or over $780 a year. That’s two return trips from Brisbane to Auckland. As a passionate travel & lifestyle blogger, that cannot be ignored!

Now I love working out in a group environment, but I have recently made some changes and have swapped my gym membership for a membership to Pilates and I could NOT be any happier with my choice. The gym leaves me feeling lonely, sore, exposed and incredibly isolated. It just is not enjoyable for me anymore.

So it begs the question, can you set-up a home-gym without breaking the bank? Guess what? You absolutely can. It all depends on where you are willing to make changes financially. You don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest gym equipment and for the most part, you can get away with some basic items.

Recently, Voome released a great article succinctly summarising what we have all wanted to read! Written by Danielle Flynn, she summarises:

  • Use what you’ve got – if you cannot afford new dumbbells or steps, that is completely fine, see if you can substitute chairs and bottles etc., I have personally done bicep curls with water bottles and it works pretty well. You have stairs you can run/jump-squat/walk. Use YOU. You can lift 6kg in weights, or you could hold yourself off of the ground. Find a YouTube or free app of Pilates etc., and off you go!
  • Become a bargain hunter – it’s 2018, I know that we are all flogging Facebook Marketplace/eBay/Gumtree like it is our job. You can get some amazing deals. Do not be afraid to bargain. Also – KMART, guys. KMART.
  • Big-Ticket items – a Danielle writes, if you are set on a large piece of equipment, rather than forking out $$$, check to see if there are any machines being sold at a lower cost by gyms themselves.
  • Creating space – if you do not have a dedicated room, or like me you live in an apartment with zero outside space, move your furniture around – set up a space for your dedicated workout time and then put your items away.
  • Be in the zone – be prepared. Get that playlist ready, make sure you have your towel and your water and treat your workout time like an appointment, with your health.
  • How much should you buy? Well, this depends how advanced you are. Truth be told, I am managing with a mat, a couple of dumbbells, a band for my legs and a small ball. Easy does it when it comes to  building up your home-gym. Remember, walking is one of the best fat targeting (and cardio friendly) activities you can do.

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To read more of Danielle’s blog – follow this link: Set Your Home Gym up on the Cheap.

Voome are currently offering a free 7 day trial to all, and with over 1000 delicious and healthy recipes, meal plans designed by experts, and daily inspiration to be your best – what have you got to lose? You can also purchase a four week program which becomes yours to keep for $39.95. Let me know if you do try Voome Nutrition or Voome Workouts. 

Have you set up a home-gym, what are your tips?!

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8 thoughts on “Sweat now, or anytime – in your own home!

  1. Awesome courtney! Some people are just SO narrow minded!

    Guys thank you for these tips, I’m looking to make a little extra to fund my dream to buy dumbbells. Though these are not big amounts they will be perfect to add a bit of money to the kitty 😉 Every little bit counts!

    I’ll be trying out quite a few of these in my spare time and will come back and leave some feedback on the ones I have tried.

    Thank you for all the VERY insightful information.


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